• Catia La Mar Street Crusade
Via Hermosa

We minister weekly to many children and adults in this shanty settlement. The housing here consist of shacks made of tin and wood. The waste water runs in open small drainage ditches that have been dug and run out to the street. The lives that have been change in this sector have miraculous testimonies to the glory of God and what hope He brings!!

Finca (where House of Hope Campus is located)

Our ministry owns 60 acres of land outside the city of Valencia. On this land we have many different agricultural endeavors that help feed and sustain the children that live there. This is also the location that the House of Hope campus is built.

House of Hope Construction

We are currently in construction of a new home that will house many children and the land is prepared and ready for the start of construction of the rest of the campus which will include educational and recreational facilities.

Rancho Ministry

Weekly we minister in different areas of the city within the most impoverished neighborhoods. These homes are made of tin, and scrap wood. We feed, and minister to these children weekly and have special events when we can supply clothes and other need items.

Catia La Mar Street Crusade

Each year we hold a street crusade in the midst of one of the most populated areas of Catia la Mar. In these crusades we see the mighty hand of God as people are healed, families are restored, and many are delivered!!