The Saunders Family (Mark Sr., Kristen, Linda, Mark Jr., and Jackson)

Mark A Saunders, Sr. was born and raised in Mishawaka, Indiana. He was saved at the age of 9. Soon, at the age of 13, he felt the call to foreign missions on his life. Mark’s first experience in foreign missions ministry was going on his first mission trip at the age of 16 to Haiti. Mark attended Purdue University where he met Linda P Christian at the local church. Mark and Linda worked together with the same Christian student organization both serving terms as President.

Mark and Linda were married in September of 1990. Mark and Linda have attended Grace Apostolic Church since their marriage and worked in different capacities such as teaching Vacation Bible School, facilitating the married Sunday school classes, and with the video tape ministry. Mark had the opportunity to travel to Venezuela on a short term mission’s trip with Bishop Michael Millben in August 2003. It was on this trip that Mark knew God was leading him to step out at this time and operate in the ministry God had called him to at a young age. Mark is elated that God has called him to minister to the Venezuelans.

Linda was born in Blue Island, Illinois. She was saved at the age of 12 years. Linda was called to foreign missions at the age of 16.  Linda graduated from North Central High School in 1982 and from Purdue University in 1986. While attending Purdue Linda was very active in the campus ministry. She served as the president of the organization for 2 terms. While working with the campus ministry she was actively involved with Apostolic Faith Assembly in Lafayette, Indiana.

Also, while working on her degree she had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe and into parts of Asia & Africa. She studied in Germany on two separate occasions at the University of Hamburg and also in the former East. Linda is grateful for the being able to experience life abroad before moving to Venezuela in 2004 as a missionary. Linda taught Sunday school for Jr. High students, then later went on to facilitate a married Sunday school class with Mark. Linda has whole heartily embraced the call of missionary on her life. She counts it an honor to serve the people of Venezuela.

Kristen was born in January 1992. She is Mark and Linda’s eldest child. Kristen is a senior at Michigan State University and doing extremely well. She enjoys all types of animals, crocheting and sewing. Kristen has had many music endeavors including singing in the elementary choir, playing in the hand bell choir, and playing the trumpet and piano.

Kristen loves the outdoors and animals. She is the reason that the Saunders family has had rabbits, hermit crabs, hamsters, dogs, cats, fish, and beehives. Because of her great love for animals, the family still has rabbits, hermit crabs, parrots, turtles, guinea pigs and other pets. Kristen is an avid reader; much of her spare time is spent reading. Kristen considered it a privilege to live in another country and tell others about Jesus.

Mark Jr. was born on August 19, 1995. Mark is in the 12th grade and he is an “A” student. He loves sports and outdoor activities. Mark plays in a homeschool football league and enjoys playing basketball whenever he gets the chance.  This year Mark has the opportunity to play football as a senior with the home school league. He loves the experience. Mark has a heart for ministry and people. He preached his first sermon at age 7 in Junior Church at Grace Apostolic. Mark has already been accepted by Liberty University and plans to study aviation in the fall of 2015.

Jackson is the youngest and was also born on August 19th two years after Mark Jr. in 1997.  He is a brilliant 11th grade student. He loves computers of which he is considering studying computers in college. Jackson enjoys reading and singing. Before he said his first words he would hum the song Jesus Loves Me all the time. He is a very independent thinker.


All of the Saunders' Children have been baptized and are seeking God in their lives and what they can do for God in Kingdom building. All three of them feel a mission call on their life.